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I  can not and do not check the accuracy of comments. Please do not base your vacation on these comments alone. Ratings are 0 - 5 stars.

Baci  in Turtle Cove, Providenciales

June , 2006 submitted by " the Editorcontact me

We visited Baci only once on this vist. It wasn't one of our best visits; we have had much better meals here in the past. We ordered the chicken and shrimp in a cream sauce and chicken cacciatore. The meals were ok at best. The fact that it was about to rain (we were sitting outside) had us rush through our entree so that probably diminished or enjoyment of the meal as well. We had two drinks ( a beer and a wine spritzer)and just the entree's for a total of $78.00.

Baci's does have a nice atmosphere; available seating inside and out on the water ( marina) . It is located in the Turtle Cove Marina Area and along with most of the other restaurants offers some freshly caught fish from the fishing charter boats.

The bar was fairly active early in the evening (6:00 pm).

The owner is always friendly and accomodating and the table service is usually very good .

I visited  June , 2006
I rate it  

February 18, 2001 submitted by "?

I must mention one restaurant in particular that everyone must visit during their stay in Provo and that is the Italian restaurant in turtle cove called Baci. It's location one the water is fantastic and we really enjoyed the exceptional service that one can expect of island standards, but the most we enjoyed was the lobster tails we had that night ... It was the best.... The chef and i think his name was Abraham was outstanding and after dinner we enjoyed an excellent coffee at the bar prepared by John .. thanx so much for an excellent evening out...

I visited  xxxxx
 I rate it  
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Coyaba on Grace Bay in Providenciales

August 25, 2000 submitted by "Frank Steponaitis

Great Restaurant.. please send me the recipe for the "Italian Martini" on their cocktail menu...I forgot to ask

I visited  August , 2000
I rate it  

Iguana at Saltmills Plaza , Providenciales

June, 2006 submitted by "the Editor contact me

We visited Iguana's three times during our stay in June; twice for dinner; once for a dinner bbq buffet.

Saltmills Plaza is near Seven Stars (under construction,it was the Allegro resort several years ago). At the plaza you will find Iguana's as well as a small breafkfast/lunch cafe, Bambooz restaurant and several retail stores and a real estate storefront.

Iguana's has a lovely interior with earth tone colors and a high ceiling. There is a small bar, which makes a great mudslide, and a small patio area outside.

The first dinner was excellent. We arrived at about 6:30 pm and we had the place to ourselves. I'd like to note that 6:30 pm seems to be a little early for dinner in the TCI and that we were usually the first at most restaurants we visited. We started with salads ; a ceasar and a garden salad. We both had fish from the "specials " menu; blackened grouper and grilled mahi mahi. The fish tasted great , it was seasoned well and moist. The sides were garden vegetables and rice, both very good as well. Drinks consisted of a mudslide and a beer. The dessert was excellent , chocolate paté. A "slice" of chocolate paté with cut up strawberries and whipped cream.The bill was $107.00 not including tip.

Our second visit was on a Monday for the BBQ buffet , which was the last buffet of the summer. The buffet consisted of blackened grouper, ribs, chicken, pork, macaroni and cheese, rice and peas, corn on the cob, green salads , macaroni and potato salad.
The grouper wasn't as great as it was when I had it the other day, but it was still very good. The ribs were excellent and the chicken and pork were good. All the sides that I tried were good; macaroni and cheese , rice and peas and corn on the cob. We didn't try the other salads as the food was out on the patio and these items weren't covered . The buffet was only $30 pp and was one of the best deals. I'm ashamed to say, not really, I ate at least three times as much as i did at the first dinner we had here and the final bill was only about $80.00 w/o tip. I'm afraid there was no room left for desert.

Our third visit had us ordering the blackened NY strip loin and the grilled mahi mahi again. The NY strip was excellent and the mahi mahi as before was very good. We orded a side of onions with the strip loin and received a tasty bowl of garlicky , buttered grilled onions, yum.. We had the crabcakes appetizer and a couple of drinks. The blender was out of service so we couldn't have a mudlside, sad, but we carried on with some Corona's and had another nice dinner.


I visited  June , 2006
 I rate it  

January, 2005 submitted by "Amy

Nice ambience. Great service - casually formal. Really yummy food. Nice wine list. Great value, and a real pleasure to have gone there.

I visited  January , 2005
 I rate it  

Magnolia at Miramar Resort, Turtle Cove (Providenciales)

January, 2005 submitted by "Amy

Terrible service, ordinary food, and poor wine choices - and all way over-priced.
Just us? everyone there looked miserable and was complaining.

I visited  January , 2005
 I rate it  

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