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I  can not and do not check the accuracy of comments. Please do not base your vacation on these comments alone. Ratings are 0 - 5 stars.

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J & B Tours Providenciales , Leeward Marina
Will pick you up from beach

August 22, 2001 submitted by "Jennifer S."
J & B tours

The native tour is unbelievable!  First you dive for conch, snorkel a bit ... then head to a deserted island where the boat captain makes a superb conch salad from the conch that was caught (yes it was raw, I didn't think I'd eat it, either, but did and it's great).  Captain Newman is AWESOME!  It was a great day and made lifetime memories!

I visited July 28, 2001
I rate it  

Secluded Island Drop Off from Providenciales
A Tour operator will take you via boat to a an uninhabited Cay (island) or beach and leave you there for an agreed upon amount of time with food and drinks

June 15, 2000 submitted by "Kathy"

I highly recommend J & B Tours. They will pick you up at your hotel, take you to the marina from which they leave, then take you to an island. The only thing you have to do is decide what kind of lunch you want and when you want them to pick you up. We left at around 10 a.m. and spent the day on Fort George Cay (I think that was the name). They give you a great lunch packed in a cooler consisting of sandwiches, veggie if requested, chips, cookies beer, wine, water, and sodas, they provide 2 chairs, an umbrella, and snorkel gear. They picked us up around 4ish. We had a fabulous time. It was truly an uninhabited island. We saw a few boats pass by throughout the day, but none close enough to even see any people. It was perfect. We spent the day lounging on the beach, taking walks, and swimming. I think the cost was $150 for two, and it was well worth it. I have never felt so relaxed in my entire life! They are very friendly and will also give you great suggestions about where to go on the island that might be a little less touristy. Be sure to bring a blanket or towels if you like to lay out in the sun, and plenty of sun screen and extra water. 

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I  can not and do not check the accuracy of comments. Please do not base your vacation on these comments alone.

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